How far can you expand an Amiga 600?

Amiga 600 (A600) home computer

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How far can you expand an Amiga 600, the nearest Commodore ever got to a portable Amiga?

The Amiga 600 has been described as “an Amiga designed by accountants”. As an accountant, I find this extremely unfair to all concerned: the Amiga 600 had quite a lot going for it – compact, robust, and capable of running all Amiga software that isn’t AGA-only.

It didn’t have a numeric keypad – proof positive that accountants were at no point consulted about the design. We use them all the time, and can’t imagine a desktop computer without one.

After an initial rather cool reception from the community, who felt the A600 was way too under-specced, the more inventive took a second look at the A600 and realised there’s quite a lot you can do with a machine that’s compact and yet contains everything you find in a standard Amiga.

It’s not supposed to be expandable? Ha, wanna bet? Here are some sites for people who can’t resist tweaking their hardware.

A nice little blow-by-blow account of how it’s done, with lots of pictures.

Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading Page

Christian’s a really nice guy and is very helpful to those struggling to produce their own expanded A600 (e.g. me). He has certainly gone the furthest in modding an A600 that is still perfectly recognisable as such.

The Suzanne Project

Turning an Amiga 600 into a real laptop computer. No explanations (just as well, as it’s not a project for beginners), but you are free to admire and exclaim in wonder.

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One response to “How far can you expand an Amiga 600?

  1. Hehe.. the Amiga 600 has certainly received a lot of new updates during the last years. New expansions are popping up every year! Who would have thought that back in the 90’s? 🙂

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