The Register: “Integrity? We’ve heard of it.”

The Register is an English-language online newspaper, specialising (mostly) in IT, science and technology, although the latest antics of that highly talented heiress whose daddy owns those seriously posh hotels occasionally sneak in, providing joy and consternation to all and sundry. The articles tend on the whole to be reasonably informed and accurate (except maybe on global warming), which is a high standard indeed, as sadly many journalists these days don’t even try to attain anything like it. And if there are mistakes they will publish a correction.

The Register also publishes the BOFH stories, and there are occasional forays into the stranger happenings on the Wild Wild Web. Some of it is really strange. I have to admit some of my most enjoyable Aimless Surfings …

Invaluable for keeping abreast of major events in the computer industry.

The Register may well be the only newspaper that has actually published a corruption pricelist, with the highly tariffed services rendered varying from not being overly nasty about the company, to outright arslikhan (© Private Eye). It’s not easy to find; perhaps too many people failed to realise it wasn’t a joke. There are a lot of people out there whose sense of humour atrophied and dropped off shortly after birth. At one point the staff seriously considered putting this image:

at the end of articles containing sarcasm or irony.

In the end they gave up, and invented characters like the ignoble Otto Z. Stern instead. Many people take his rantings seriously, in fact the first one was so well crafted that I too was taken in. Then the penny dropped.

It’s worth an occasional read.


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