Zebra Girl, by Joe England

Love. Hate. Spontaneous Combustion. Updated unpredictably.

Dark humour and thrilling demonic adventure. Lots of it. Lovely. In beautifully-drawn black and white. Great stuff.

A must read. Really.

Whatever he’s got, this guy probably needs treatment for it. Not too much, a few dollars now and then. You know. He’s definitely got talent, in a warped sort of way. I mean, you’ve got to have a real weirdo streak to have a main character like this:


The star of our show, the main attraction, Zebra Girl (A.K.A. Sandra)! Transformed into a demon by an explosion of random magical energy, Sandra must search for her purpose in a world which would undoubtedly scorn her. Eat your heart out Stan Lee. Indeed, what few glimpses the world has had of her have evolved into local legend in the town of Miscellaneous, which of course does little to soothe Sandra’s fear of exposure. But despite the loneliness she feels, Sandra’s strength of will has kept her from wallowing in self pity most of the time. She’s even managed to develop a very modest sense of humor about it, as evidenced by the name of her tech-support service and the “journal” she puts up on her site. Still slightly hot-tempered, Sandra’s favorite hobby is igniting Jack with her pyrokinetic powers. This should not imply that the two of them are necessarily enemies, but rather that they are friends who have become comfortable with their friendship existing in the ways in which they aggravate each other. More than that, since through it all Sandra and her housemates have become more than friends. Owing simply to her mature personality, Sandra is essentially the de facto head of the household, though not in any overt fashion.

Goal in life: To become human and get a real one.

The above was lifted straight off the cast description page of the Zebra Girl website because I’m a lazy bugger and it’s better than anything I could think of just now. You should read the strip first, from A-Z, before going any further into the character description archives as they contain a number of spoilers. Unless, of course, you’re the sort of total nerd that hates not having all the spoilers to hand before reading the story.

Seriously, this is one you’ve got to read. The art is top-notch, the characters have depth, there’s a lot of imagination going into the stories, and… oh what the hell. Read the damn thing. And give the guy all the encouragement/money you can. He’s this good and he hasn’t even finished his Art degree yet. Actually, this is his Art degree, or at least the practical project for his finals.

Update 24 August 2010: the story and its characters have evolved considerably, with no loss of quality. Why aren’t you reading the comic?


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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