Amiga Community Portal: is currently one of the most popular Amiga sites on the internet and regularly receives well over 3/4 million page-views per month. Services offered by include Amiga news, discussion forums, regular Q&A sessions with major players of the Amiga scene, Internet radio, Buy & Sell Classifieds, and much more.

This site also hosts the official AmigaOne forums and news, and in conjunction with a sponsorship deal from Eyetech (now defunct), they gained a dedicated server to further improve the site, which must have been a great relief since the entire team is made up of volunteers (definition of volunteer: you provide YOUR time and YOUR money, and in return you shall have no thanks but many flames). The site has been featured in several popular computer magazines such as Micro Mart Magazine who said “One of the newer portals for the community, the site is a breath of fresh air…. a great online home for those of us who like to find out the latest Amiga news….” and Total Amiga Magazine who said “All in all it’s an engaging site worth adding to your hotlist”.

It’s a major site for the Amiga community (still very active, we’ve been through all that already). If you own an Amiga, want to find one and relive the games of your youth, or own a PC running Windows or Linux and want to emulate one, this is the place for you!


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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