Helpdesk, by Christopher Wright

One of the elite technical support representatives working the Ubersoft Help Desk, Alex is a trained professional who knows exactly how not to help you solve your problem Standing on the Necks of Giants

Three comics for the price of one: Helpdesk, Kernel Panic and the rather more sporadic Old Skool Webcomic. The extreme simplicity of the artwork (the characters more or less boil down to the computer equivalent of cardboard cut-outs) is a blind. You’re not going to get eye-candy here, no abnormally big-eyed bimbos with unfeasibly huge unbra’d tits that wobble painfully in every frame. What you will get is dry, unrepentantly geeky humour, rife with wit, cynicism, and a clever use of the static (clipart) format.


The name Ubersoft is a thinly veiled reference to Microsoft, of course, except that Ubersoft is run by a demon whose avowed intent is to render the whole world as miserable as possible (Microsoft only do this by accident, after all). In this it is helped, hampered and otherwise drawn into open conflict by a strange admixture of characters: the Ubersoft employees (most notably Victor the vampire lawyer, the assortment of misfits manning the Helpdesk, and the dreaded Binky the cheerful winking paperclip), its own clones (for example, one runs SCO, another the RIAA), and Steve Jobs, here portrayed as a robot (the author says he isn’t, but that’s how he looks to me) with an Amazing Sense of Style, mostly involving brushed aluminium.

Kernel Panic

While Helpdesk chronicles the misadventures of Ubersoft employees, Kernel Panic relates the working life of a band of sysadmins – all of whom are Linuxians – in a company where the official policy is to use 100% Ubersoft products. So far the CEO hasn’t yet realised the servers are (or rather were, there’s been a bit of a problem and they’ve all been confiscated by the Secret Services) running Linux rather than Nifty Doorways.

Things will get worse.


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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