Festive extravaganza in Canada: Lindsay Lights

08/12/2009: Lights of Christmas

Image by MSVG via Flickr

Global Warming? We’ve heard of it. Taste? Gotta look that one up in my dictionary, be right back.

Lindsay Lights

Ecologically responsible it’s not. Musically, it’s not exactly up there with the best e.g. for 2006, the music was Europe + a sort of switched-on Liszt. The colours are a bit garish, and the animation lacks imagination.

On the plus side, it’s cheerful, unashamedly geeky, and shows an incredible dedication to electronics. What the hell, it’s Christmas. It’s the sort of thing my late father would have loved to do for his grandchildren, had his health lasted long enough.

Renewed (nearly) every year until further notice.

P.S. For those who think classical music is boring, I suggest trying to find a copy of something like Switched On Bach: it could change your viewpoint ever so slightly. Bach was the greatest jazz musician ever, Beethoven rulez rock music, Mozart bestrideth pop like a colossus.

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