PvP, by Scott Kurtz

PvP: Includes Troll and Giant Panda at no extra charge.

Ever felt jealous of the people who write video game reviews? Actually paid to spend their time battling monsters and pretending to be elves online? Of course, the problem is: if they want to be paid they really need to write that review – but somehow that’s always the difficult part of the job.

PVP is a sitcom-style webcomic about the (mis)adventures of:

  • a deeply harassed [1] gaming magazine boss trying to get his staff to put in an honest day’s work;
  • his be-ponytailed “creative director” [2], who is addicted to Macs, posers’ coffee and being a jerk;
  • a very gentle blue troll, whose dimness is equalled only by his flatulence [3]

… and many others, some of them loosely based on people the artists knows, but all of whom strongly resemble someone you know, or at least have recognised from afar and managed to avoid by crossing to the other side of the street.

Also includes a power-hungry cat, accidentally rendered intelligent by an ingenious device known as the Genius Machine. Unfortunately for the cat’s macchiavellian plans, the machine failed to suppress instincts that get in the way of such plans, such as the irresistible urge to chase small furry animals at inopportune moments.

Amusing, observant, well drawn, and includes a Giant Panda. What more can you ask for? An animated version? Well, PVP The Series started Spring 2007 (subscription only). PVP animations done by Bind Ferret Entertainment, who are responsible for Least I Can do and Looking For Group.

[1] Yet somehow easily distracted by a retro game and a joystick – may I refer you to this article if you have never experienced the heady days of truly innovative games and frankly appalling graphics by today’s standards but it didn’t matter.

[2] i.e. the guy that does the cover art

[3] Fart jokes are an ancient and hallowed form of humour, as Mr Kurtz correctly points out.


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