Freefall, by Mark Stanley

Freefall has been appearing online three times a week since the end of March, 1998. Originally in plain black and white, it’s now in colour, although you can still see it in greyscale if you really must.

The comic chronicles the interstellar adventures of Sam, ship’s captain and devout con man squid (a sort of cephalopod Harry Mudd), a naïve robot named Helix, and a genetically engineered wolf called Florence who talks, walks (mostly) on two legs, and actually knows how to fix the spaceship.

There are a lot of robots in Freefall. Much as in the Star Wars universe they have reached a stage where they’re more-or-less recognised as persons in their own right. They communicate amongst themselves using what they refer to as the “net”, which means that information can be quickly and easily shared. Unfortunately, the information isn’t always accurate, and all robots are firmly convinced that the best way to put Florence at her ease when they first meet her is to shout “Doggy!”

No-one has told them that this probably isn’t a smart thing to do when dealing with a large wolf with an engineering degree; fortunately, Florence has a very easy-going nature. You need one when working for Sam Starfall.

Gentle, occasionally mildly geeky, humour, totally safe for work and children. Also recommended for adults.


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