Looking for Group, by Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza

When someone playing an online adventure game such as World of Warcraft or EverQuest is searching for other people to make up a team, they are said to be LFG, or Looking for Group . MMORPGs of this sort generally have a fairly exotic collection of mythical characters, players, for the use of. Taurens (a sort of minotaur), orcs, elves, dwarfs, gnomes, undead and even humans are a fair representation of what’s usually available.

The team in LFG is made up of a somewhat dimwitted Good (Dark?) Elf archer, a trigger-happy Chaotic Evil Undead warlock, a female Orc cleric and an impressively muscled Tauren fighter. Only the latter pair appear to be endowed with anything approaching common sense.

Anyone who’s ever played WoW or a derivative will recognise the situation instantly, although any RPG fan will be able to follow the jokes. Hell, anybody can follow the jokes.

The artwork is excellent and the colouring magnificent. I love it. The associated blog also includes comments on the books Ryan Sohmer is currently reading; this may be of interest to fans of the sci-fi and heroic fantasy genres.

Updated twice a week, with a full page, not just a strip. Incidentally, the way the pages are laid out, it’s all ready to be transformed into a genuine printed comic, which happens on a quarterly basis. For the moment you can read it all for free on the Web. I advise you to do so.

All Blind Ferret Entertainment videos on Youtube are here. They write other comics, including Gutters and Least I could Do, and also provide webhosting for other authors.


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