Erfworld, by Rob Balder and Jamie Noguchi

Imagine for a moment that you hate your life, hate your job, nobody reads your webcomic, and you live only for fantasy wargaming.

Imagine that you dream of being able to snap your fingers and find yourself living in such a world.


Imagine that your dream comes true.

You are called upon to save what remains of a dwindling nation in its final last-ditch battle against overwhelming odds. You barely have time to learn the rules, you certainly don’t have time to assimilate everything you need to know. If you fail, you die – for real. If you annoy your overlord, you die – for real – and he already resents you for being unfamiliar with the universe and much bigger than him.

Parson A. Gotti, mythical creator of The Hamstard, this is your fantasy life… or possibly something more sinister. Like a coma-induced dream.

Artwork: excellent; story so far: gripping. Humour: scathing. Format: page, so expect a well-formatted dead-tree version some day. You don’t need to be a wargamer to appreciate the scenario, and it’s very easy to identify with the main character as he progressively discovers how this new universe functions.

Extremely promising. The strip is currently hosted on the same site as Order Of The Stick, thereby slaying two flying creatures with the same blunt instrument for your reading pleasure.

Rob Balder also writes PartiallyClips.


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