Partially Clips, by Rob Balder

Real Love

Real Love (Photo credit: RACINGMIX)

Partially Clips

The format is even more static than that used on three panels, the same piece of clip-art in each panel, with balloons added for speech, thought, and narration. All in black and white.

With a format like that the humour has to be exceptionally good to get away it, and it is. Frequently surreal, sometimes very – er – strange indeed, and generally dark if not downright black, the jokes also come very densely packed. I find it hard to enough to get inspiration for a single unfunny comment out of any given picture: how Rob Balder thinks of several on a regular basis is beyond my feeble grasp.

There are additional rules, to make things more interesting for the author: no overtly political humour, nothing topical that will not be funny in a year’s time, no self-referential humour, and no breaking the fourth wall. Well, it happened once, but he made the characters repair it afterwards, much to their disgust

Offensive subjects and language will appear in all their unexpurgated glory if they’re central to the humour, so be warned that the strip may be considered NSFW in some benighted places.

Rob Baldur is also one of the creators of Erfworld.

Updates Tuesday and Thursday.

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