Goblin Hollow, by RHJunior

Currently being seriously retconned (rewritten and redrawn because the artist has decided it’s necessary), Goblin Hollow is an anthropomorphic strip about a pleasant young couple who run a video arcade in an old mansion.

Just to make things more interesting – as if it could be boring running a video arcade with added roleplaying sessions in a straight-laced town with bigoted neo-wiccans and retrograde holier-than-thou Christians (the author is a practising Christian, don’t go looking for anything other than a plea for tolerance here) – they happen to have been adopted by a clutch of newly hatched and mischievous goblins.

It’s a bit difficult writing about the comic at the moment: I really enjoyed the first version, which had many classic moments (the Schlock Mercenary not-exactly-crossover, for example). Alright, I should have done a review long ago, but then I’d have had to put the article on hold anyway once the rewrite started. I really hope that the retconned version will be able to incorporate as much as possible from the past storylines, some of which drew tears of laughter, even on rereading. I have a particular soft spot for the Boggart In The Basement.

I’ll review the comic once it’s been fleshed out a bit more, but I see no reason in the meantime to discourage anyone from reading what’s already up. While on the site, have a look at the other comics by RHJunior, especially the acclaimed Tales of the Questor – which merits an article of its own.

Goblin Hollow, page 1


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