The Abominable Charles Christopher, by Karl Kerschl

The Very Bominable Karl Kerschl

The Very Bominable Karl Kerschl (Photo credit: andyi)

This webcomic has been going for three years, I’ve read all the archives and I’m still not quite sure what’s going on.

But I am quite, quite certain that the artwork is exquisite, and the storyline is in turn moving, poetic and funny. Well, I say the storyline: there in fact appear to be three separate threads which may or may not turn out to be interlinked.

The comic has won awards, apparently. I am not remotely surprised. If the word “awesome” were not already sullied by overuse and abuse, it would be entirely appropriate here. I don’t know enough about art to appreciate it properly, but when I look at the work and talent that goes into this strip, I am left with a deep sense of awe.

Karl Kerschl lives in Canada and is a professional comic illustrator. For the rest, words fail me. Go see for yourself, your soul will be the better for it.

The Abominable Charles Christopher

Totally beautiful.

Currently hosted by the amazingly talented guys at Blind Ferret.

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