Stercus, stercus, computer kaput

Bloody laptop, the screen’s dying on me and I can’t afford to replace it. Yes, yes, I know, backup time. It’s just that it’s the only computer in the house running Ubuntu and the others (a) don’t belong to me or (b) need to run Windows for a particular app or 3.

Bugger. How’m I going to work while bed-bound with a grumbly back?

And the desktop needs a better screen as well. 15″ is ridiculous these days.

Memo to self: Backups today and every day. Also, dig out that old screen and see if it works with the lappy. Perhaps also take pictures of the laptop with the bits of paper jammed under the screen frame that have successfully kept it working for the past 18 months. Seriously. Look, it worked. I’m very proud of my kludge.


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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