BREAKING NEWS: Cynical Geek Favourably Impressed

Just 24 hours to get my Internet access and phone line changed over to the new provider. Suck on that, Free.

Communications inna box. The future, apparently. Still, I’m a bit nervous about relying on VOIP, although we also all have cellphones. The problem with VOIP is: if there’s a power cut or your modem goes foom, then you don’t have a phone line either. Putting all your eggs in one basket, etc. Of course, if there’s a real emergency – like chemical factories blowing up a few miles away – they cut the bloody phones off anyway.

VOIP. Yeah. The quality seems to be quite good nowadays, which is just as well as I have trouble following conversations on cellphones. These remain shitty and only to be used when no other option presents. The best use for a cellphone, other than trying to find friends in monster queues to see the latest Harry Potter film, is listening to music or watching TV while waiting for the train to arrive.

Would I take the TV option once my area is unbundled? We have about 20 digital channels already, and I watch about 2 hours of TV a week, excluding the news. Also, I don’t speak Arabic, Turkish, play poker, believe in astrology (Fuck me, is there really a channel just for that?), or want to watch the local programmes from all 24 French regions.

Yeah, I suppose I would take the option if I decided I needed a good reason to drink myself to death and wanted something to encourage me to crack open just one more bottle. After all, it might be that extra bottle that finally allows me to drown in my own vomit when I sink into an alcoholic stupor. Glee? Oh joy, pass the next gallon of cheap plonk, please.

On the other hand, I could make myself a nice cup of tea and go sit out in the sunshine with a good book. That sounds more like it. Chocolate biccy, anyone? Dungeon run tonight?


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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