Contagious Caturday

I couldn’t resist this picture. Thanks to @EpiRen for tweeting: Someone posted this outside my cube: on Twitpic

Despite being a lifelong non-smoker, in the past few years every single sniffle has degenerated into really nasty acute bronchitis. Therefore I will be getting my ‘flu jab as soon as this season’s batch is ready, with the usual side effect that it may sting a bit because my GP, lovely guy though he is, is bloody awful at doing injections.

That’s the biggest danger you’re likely to run with an influenza vaccination: it doesn’t give you ‘flu, cause autism, ADHD, dyslexia, or whatever. It doesn’t even make you fart uncontrollably during boring speeches, where’s the fun in that? OK, since it’s grown on hen’s eggs it can’t be given to anyone severely allergic to them. If that bothers you, and it probably should, then try donating to research so that a better way of making the vaccines can be found (see Harpocrates Speaks: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is for examples).

However, let’s assume you’re all up to date with your vaccines.

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