Pass it on: the 1-Weird-Tip ads are a scam

I’m referring to those horrible, ugly animated-gif ads that claim to have a “weird old tip” to reduce belly fat (clue: the tip isn’t to eat less, cut back on the booze and exercise more). They’re not just selling woo, they’re out to fleece you.

Although the alert went out nearly 2 weeks ago, there’s a good chance these things – or something similar that also sounds too good to be true – are still floating around the Internet. So here’s the link to the highly useful blog post at Schlock Mercenary, which has info on how to block a good number of these ads, PLUS!!! a great webcomic which I really recommend to everyone who’s a sucker for comic space opera.

There’s also this link, with fewer aliens and flying supercomputers: 
The Washington PostUbiquitous ‘tiny belly’ online ad part of scheme, government says


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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