Party time for particles: LHC@home 2.0

A simulated event in the CMS detector, a colli...

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LHC@home 2.0 is an extension of the LHC@home platform, launched in 2004 to help physicists simulate protons beam dynamics in the LHC. At that time, doing full-fledged simulations of particle collisions was beyond the scope of volunteer computing. So LHC@home was used to calculate the positioning of various types of magnet along the circumference of the monster boson-botherer, including the ginormous 35-tonne superconducting dipole magnets (1,232 of them, placed and tested one at a friggin’ time).

What is the LHC going to be used for? Seriously badass physics, viz.:

  • To find out if the Higgs boson exists and can be detected;
  • Look for supersymmetric particles;
  • Try to make sense of the whole matter/antimatter puzzle (antimatter isn’t a perfect reflection of matter and there’s far less antimatter than matter, but no-one knows why);
  • Serendipity.

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