Hoax 999 calls made public by south Wales fire service

It isn’t that this is a slow day. On the contrary, too much stupid has been jostling for my attention. Allegedly tired-and-emotional actors piddling in aeroplanes, rabid antivaxers pulling their heads out of their arses just long enough to vomit up pieces of bloody (and libellous) diarrhea, more fact-free soundbites from the gaggle of right-wing extremists jostling for the GOP nomination and, meanwhile, the Google+ fuckup continues apace.

The trouble is that over the past few weeks current events have largely exceeded the recommended maximum daily WTF dose for an adult. Ambient nuttery is so high I wouldn’t blink if David Cameron started a song-and-dance routine dressed as Snow White, while the rest of his cabinet portrayed the seven dwarfs and the animals of the forest. I might blink if they then proceeded to stop claiming expenses and donated all their salaries to the poor and needy: apparently 18 out of the 23 cabinet members are millionaires. So much for being close to the ground. Cue a quick chorus of Common People, a song which sounds more pertinent every time I hear it.

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