Troooooooooll in the YouTube!

The Intersection of 36th and Troll

Image by sea turtle via Flickr

And today started so well. An overnight storm finally clears the air after some stiflingly hot weather, while in the news a politician actually stands up for his principles and a sportsman who gets disqualified from a race gracefully accepts he needs to work on his technique instead of screaming bias and blaming the judges. A golden day in early autumn, when I sometimes wonder if sanity might one day prevail.

Then a friend gave the heads-up that ZDoggMD was being attacked on YouTube. One does not leave one’s chums to face the baying hordes of unreason by themselves. Quick investigation revealed that an unpleasant troll with the misnomer TheFriendlyEngineer was indeed spewing venom, including misogynistic insults. Of course, it’s always a joy when an idiot accuses someone of being, let me see, there were 4 posts in reply to… Oh what the hell, I’ll just copy’n’paste it for the lulz. Also, some of this might get deleted from YouTube for excessive Twattery, so let’s keep a record. Connoisseurs of trollery will notice the other instant dead giveaway after the 4-posts-replying-to-one gambit: bloody awful punctuation. We’ll take it post by post.

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