Video of the day: Fry and Laurie kick ass

There seems to be some sort of conspiracy at the moment to see how often can I be made to cry with helpless laughter. I know a lot of very funny men and women, which means I have built up a fair amount of resistance. For example, Bill Bailey‘s take on Kraftwerk performing the Hokey-Cokey falls into this category (it’s on the Part Troll DVD, highly recommended) and after several watches and about a dozen boxes of paper hankies I think I’ve developed enough immunity to be able to watch only half of it through a tearful veil of mirth.

Author/actor Stephen Fry tweeted this clip this morning, commenting that he had no recollection of doing this sketch with Hugh Laurie and it was like watching a stranger. Either it didn’t really strike them as outstandingly funny at the time and he forgot about it, or else his mind wiped the memory clean in sheer self-defence at the terrible thought (which comes to all of us) of never being that funny ever again.

In both cases, I am delighted to reassure Mr Fry that he was wrong.

This is so much more enjoyable than the depressing gobbledygook the woobots spew out. I plan to do it more often.


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