Video of the Day: the Foo Fighters’ hot buns

Another video that passed the “makes me cry with laughter” test. I already tweeted this one back on Friday, but on the basis that every music lover needs to see a nude Dave Grohl  in a silly hat and wig cavorting to Queen’s Body Language before they die: here it is again.

It’s a soft (gay) porn parody to promote this autumn’s US tour. Contains nothing more indecent than pixellated-out bare (bear?) backsides and an evil sense of humour.

For those wondering who Dave Grohl is, he’s a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who’s played for many, many bands either as part of the band or as a session musician. He’s played drums for Nirvana, Them Crooked Vultures and the Muppets, plays guitar and sings for the Foo Fighters, and was named Godlike Genius of the year at the 2011 NME Shockwave Awards.

Might be worthwhile checking out some of his stuff. He’s almost certainly dabbled in at least one genre you like.

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