Today’s the day, Freddie fans!

Today, 5th September, 2011, Freddie Mercury ( Farrok Bulsara), singer, songwriter and all-round phenomenon, would have been 65 years old.

For all those who appreciate his voice, or are struck by his talent even if you don’t like his music…

For all those who have friends or family who have been infected with HIV/AIDS…

For all those who have children or relatives or friends who may be at risk…

People in the adult film industry…

Mature people, who imagine it’s a young person’s disease…

Straight people who think it’s a gay disease…

You need to talk about it. HIV, that is. Not be afraid of it, but use protection and encourage others to do so too. Help people to learn more about it and how to protect themselves. Help people who already have it to live the normal lives that are now possible with the help of modern medicine.

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