Does hack it?

There are various services around the web that let you aggregate… Well, not news as such, but at least recent posts to social media on whatever subjects take your fancy. You can do it with, using Tweets that link to web articles. You can use Drupal, among other self-hosted CMS, to aggregate RSS feeds.

What’s useful about sites like and is that they go out and look for articles that correspond to your criteria. The big difference between the two is that concentrates on Twitter (there are some quite powerful search and sort functions), whereas also searches Digg, Blogspot and Google.

Also, is still in beta.

It seems to be pretty good at finding posts and the publishing options are pretty good: Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. There may be more added in later. I’ll list the pros and cons as I currently see them.


  • You get to choose what is or isn’t published; nothing gets through without your approval
  • It’s easy to post automatic updates to social media sites, and you can modify the wording of what gets posted for each site
  • You can mix in RSS feeds from chosen sites
  • Easy to use, even for rank beginners
  • Several different languages available


  • You have to manually approve everything, which can take some time
  • You have to approve/reject the suggestions on the front page before you can view any more
  • Posts to WordPress are published, there is no option to save as a draft
  • Searching for other topics isn’t as easy as it could be. A search by category would be nice

As I said, it’s still in beta. It looks promising, though, and I’ve set up an experimental topic to make it easier to find information on debunking pseudoscience around the web. So far, it’s a lot quicker and easier than trying to follow all the interesting people on Twitter. I may set up other topics in the future; in the meantime feel free to peruse, use and criticise this one:

CAMwatch on


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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