Video of the day: RIP Jim Henson

Jim Henson, co-creator of that beloved source of puppeteering lunacy for all ages, The Muppet Show, not to forget Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, Dark Crystal and Labyrinth (well OK, with David Bowie’s terrible acting we maybe should forget Labyrinth) would have been 75 today.

The Muppets were dumb, incompetent, uproariously funny and undoubtedly the coolest show in the world. What other show could boast such a strange mixture of guest stars, including: Elton John, Alice Cooper, Buddy Rich, Luke Hamill, Joel Grey, Vincent Price, Peter Ustinov, Bruce Forsyth, Candice Bergen, Ethel Merman, Rudolph Nureyev, Julie Andrews, Peter Sellers, Christopher Reeve, Liza Minelli, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Paul Simon (WHY DO I NOT HAVE THIS EPISODE?) and Diana Ross.

I can think of quite a few good candidates for human Muppets even today, starting with anyone who’s ever played Doctor Who, Eddie Izzard, Robbie Coltrane, Tina Fey, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, all three members of Muse… Even Dave Grohl – oh wait.


And since it’s quite possible that without a loony anti-medicine cult upbringing he would still have been with us today, this is from WhatsTheHarm:

Jim Henson (puppeteer) Age: 53
Died May 16, 1990
(septic shock)
He had felt sick for several days. His wife later told a magazine that he probably delayed going to the hospital due in part to his Christian Science upbringing. Had he gone earlier his infection would have been treatable. Instead he died.
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He is much missed.

Favourite character? Animal!


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