Fear and Loathing in the Homeopathy world – “Contagion”

I haven’t seen Contagion, but this is only because it doesn’t get shown in this benighted country before 9th November (the cinemas here seem to be trying to drive themselves out of business by showing pap that would usually go straight to DVD and charging €10 a head for the privilege, and that’s just for 2D). Nevertheless, apart from the entertaining prospect of seeing GOOPneth Paltrow’s character dying horribly, I am looking forward to seeing Jude Law play the nasty bit of work who tries to peddle woo and sabotage official efforts to contain the outbreak.

Medical and epidemiologist cyberpals have had much praise for it, which is impressive for anything coming out of Hollywood and purporting to have any resemblance to the real world. So when I see screaming tabloid-style headlines like this:

DANA ULLMAN’s Homeopathic Educational Services blog: The New Film, “Contagion,” Infects the Public with FEAR

Read the full post on Plague of Mice.

Since posting this, I have seen Contagion and much enjoyed Jude Law’s portrayal of a cold-hearted fish who may or may not believe his own bullshit. Law makes terrible heroes, but excellent villains.


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