Video of the day: when in doubt, use a fart joke

Although it’s not actually farting, just an extended raspberry. Don’t try to do this at home, unless you have the lung capacity of a killer whale, or you may pass out from lack of oxygen. It does sound as though he’s trying to imitate the noise of an outboard motor.

Orcas (the official name for killer whales, who are really dolphins)  are among the top badassest species in the ocean. They eat sharks, for crying out loud. Sharks do not eat them back. Sharks STFU and GTFO when they see a fun family group of orcas hangin’ in their ‘hood.

They also have impeccable dress sense, preferring to look good wearing snappy black-and-white gear, and have been known to kill those other top predators, leopard seals, for their tacky fashion choices (spots are sooo 80s).


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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