Video of the day: what is Orac really worth?

Blake's 7

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The great Orac, he who smacks down the Stupid using not-so-Respectful Insolence on a regular basis, has overstepped the mark. I say this because he had the nerve to post something I was hoping to use as a Video of the Day.


So, if we’re going to chuck vintage British sci-fi around, allow me to introduce you to Blake’s Seven. It had all the requisite ingredients: crappy plots, dodgy acting, terrible special effects, cardboard scenery, and writers with a powerful sense of humour. It was fun to watch, the actors were easy on the eyes, and it was chock-full of put-downs, comebacks and general snidery. Most of it was directed at Vila, a sort of prototype Baldrick minus the hygiene problems:

Vila: I’m entitled to my opinion.
Avon: It is your assumption that we are entitled to it as well that is irritating.

A quick summary of the idea behind the series: Blake is a rebel on the run from the evil Federation (presided over by a smoking hot tigress called Servalan), leading a gaggle of thieves, fraudsters and other unsavoury characters on board a stolen spaceship. Things tend to go downhill from there.

Brace yourselves. This dates from the late 70s.


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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