Video of the day: Stars at the Butterfly Ball

English: Ronnie James Dio on tour with Heaven ...

English: Ronnie James Dio on tour with Heaven and Hell at Charter One Pavilion in Chicago, IL, USA on June 11, 2009. Photo by Adam Bielawski (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to Rolling Stone, the widow of the greatest Metal singer of all time, bar none, NONE! is re-releasing material recorded by the late Ronnie James Dio and his many rocker friends for Stars. This was the Heavy Metal equivalent of Band Aid, that 1985 pop/rock movement to raise awareness of, and relief for, hunger in Africa (for progress reports on the situation see: Somalia, Ethiopia…). Unfortunately, it didn’t have the same success, thanks to legal screw-ups.

Here’s the title song and a taster of some of the famous names involved in the project. Yes, yes, I know: terrible hairstyles and clothes, but this is the 80s and Heavy Metal. Nice pecs from Rob Halford, who wasn’t officially out at the time.

There’s also a tribute album planned, along with various other fundraising activities for the “Stand Up And Shout” Cancer Fund (Dio died of stomach cancer in May 2010). If anyone’s looking for ideas for a present for me in 2012 – assuming the world doesn’t end, of course – then you could do a lot worse than a double album of Dio covers by some of the greatest living names in Metal (and yes, Dave Grohl should be in there).

I miss that voice. Tell you what, here’s one for the kiddies, to prove Heavy Metal isn’t just about sex and drugs and slaying monsters. This 1974 song was written by Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover, for a project that finally never got off the ground. The song, however, was a huge hit. It’s been covered often enough that I’m sure you’re heard it before, but only Dio’s remarkable, if melodramatic, voice does it justice.

A little man (well, fractionally taller than me, to be fair), with a huge talent. And having spoken to fans who met him, I’ll add: a really nice guy.


2 responses to “Video of the day: Stars at the Butterfly Ball

  1. Relived some memories there listening to Stars. Will now dig out my Butterfly Ball CD to listen to that again. I remember the first time I slept, I mean I met, I stayed at… oh bugger, my now wife of 11 years house I was amazed that she had the Butterfly Ball book with the same artwork from the album. Ronnie James Dio was excellent as the frog, David Coverdale was a superb Fox as well.

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