Video of the day: Happy Owl is Happy

Owls are not the brightest of birds, in spite of their reputation. Athena would probably have been better off with a member of the crow family. Mind you, a group of owls is called a parliament, which is infinitely more reassuring than a murder of crows.

However, owls are beautiful beasts, superbly adapted to their evolutionary niche, and this one – you’ll spot it immediately – just makes me melt into a warm puddle of anthropomorphic happiness.

I think it’s a Little Owl.

Ah, it does you a power of good just watching the pure bliss radiating off it. There’s more about these magnificent predators on sites like these:

and of course, you can search sites like the World Wildlife Fund for information on owls, which is likely to turn up stories like: Black magic behind illegal owl trade in India.

Stupid fucking humans.

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