Ducks are nuthin’ but trouble

Over the summer, one Big Alt bully got a proper seeing-off after attempting to silence an Italian blogger who had the temerity to point out that the homeopathetic remedy Oscillococcinum contains nothing more than sugar. Oscillococcinum is supposed to be something in the heart and liver of the Barbary duck which relieves cold and flu symptoms by causing them (you did know that was the philosophy behind homeopathy, right?). Apart from Hahnemann, who invented homeopathy, no-one has ever isolated oscillococcinum, so even the existence of this diluted-out-of-sight ingredient is debatable. In 200 years, nobody has managed to reproduce the experiment? I think the FPI™ order on that one is well past its put-up-or-shut-up-by date.

Anyway, onto the bullying scandal du jour. The inestimable Quackometer, run by the indefatigable @lecanardnoir, ran a piece on the Burzynski clinic two days ago. Burzynski’s marketing droid has reportedly just sent him a spittle-flecked, ill-written rant, seemingly with the intention of scaring the author into removing the post from his blog. There are accusations of defamation, libel, publishing factually incorrect information with reckless disregard and generally being a malicious little twat.

You can read it here The Burzynski Clinic Threatens My Family and the follow-up here Another frothy threat from Burzynski’s alleged representative. Lots of RED ARROWS.

In my opinion, @lecanardnoir is no more of a malicious little twat than the person who sent that email is a lawyer, and this in spite of his use of the phrase my clients’(sic) at regular intervals in the diatribe. Of course, I don’t think @lecanardnoir is a lawyer either, although I do think… Never mind.

What I’m getting at here is that Burzynski and his employees would do well to read up on phrases like “Streisand effect“. Our feathered friend does not stand alone, and his writings seem to stand up to scrutiny much better than the claims made on certain professional websites.

Also standing up and being counted, in addition to those found by Zemanta or mentioned in the comments:

If I have missed any, you can probably find them in Josephine Jones’s blogpost: Stanislaw, Streisand and Spartacus. If you think you’ve been overlooked, tell us in the comments and remember the good old trackback.


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