Video of the day: Cat playing at snowballs

This is a recording I made of my cat playing with the snow on the balcony earlier this week. The quality isn’t great and I haven’t edited it in any way at all, but it was mostly for family consumption anyway.

Yes, she is making snowballs and playing with them. Yes, her tail has always been like that.

In related news, with the bitter Siberia-induced weather that’s hit Europe over the past week, it’s a pleasant surprise to find supermarkets selling buckets of wild bird feed alongside the sand, salt and shovels. The trick is now to put the stuff where neither cat nor magpies can get at it, but where it will still be seen and used by other species. It’s getting pretty bad that I almost never see anything other than magpies, blackbirds and white wagtails around here. The magnificent male redstart from about a month ago is the only one I’ve seen since I moved here in 1996. The sparrows and robins have disappeared.

Feed the birds. Responsibly: giving sweet water that contains no calories to hummingbirds kills them (what anorexic dingbat thought that one up?). The world is a better place when they’re around, even those dimwitted doves that coo all day long until you’re ready to grab a shot-gun.


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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