Extract: Francine Scrayen, the litigious liar

Bill Hatto © Francine Scrayen leaving the Coroner's Court.

Bill Hatto © Francine Scrayen leaving the Coroner’s Court.

Once again, the Time of Twattery is upon us. It must be something in the water. It’s the only explanation for homeopaths dashing off WTF-ridden Cease and Desist orders to bloggers who have the cheek, the gall, the unmitigated sense of moral duty to expose the brain-shattering inanity of their dumbfuck “teachings”. Yes, scare quotes. If it doesn’t scare you that in the 21st century there are credulous ignorami lapping up the complete balderdash they spout as if it were Divine Guidance flowing from the Fount Of All Wisdom, then you might want to revise by reading some of the posts in the Homeopathy section.

This post is an extract. For the full story, read it all here