Quarterly Qaterday

Actually, I have no plans to make this a regular quarterly feature, any more than I post a Video of the Day every day. It’s a joke. I get them where I can.

Delza dreamsI was going to add “Live with it” to that, but since it’s an order (imperative), it would require the use of an exclamation mark for full grammatical correctness and that might upset some people: Don’t ban the ‘ex-gay’ bus ads. But do ban their exclamation marks (blogs.telegraph.co.uk). Anyway, more frivolously, instead of correcting the punctuation of deluded quack therapy groups, let’s be having with the real meaning of Saturday: pictures of cats.

There’s an amusing little website that will ‘value’ your moggy. Perusing their nonsense goes well with the morning cup of coffee, although having woken up to a national radio station declaiming the morning headlines in verse when it wasn’t even 1st April has left me hard to impress in that department. Rather well done, as a parody website, with fake adverts and everything. A good example of how to gently take the mickey.

webuyanycat.com has valued my cat at £13.51.

£13.51 is about half what she costs me in feed every month. That air of angelic, fluffy innocence that may have made you go “aaahhhh”  is in fact a blind: in that photo she’s fantasising about bringing mass murder to the local bluetits.


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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