Site news: Lots of pots on the stove

It’s been a little quiet here, but things have actually been frantic behind the scenes. The main news is that I have a probable book translation coming up (more of that later, since if you found this blog via Short & Spiky it’s the sort of fiction you might enjoy) so my Netstalking of the strange, the wonderful and the Differently Sane is being severely reduced for a short while.

I’ve also got a few ideas for a play, to be co-written with a friend. And my own fiction is slowly coming together. I’m beginning to consider writing a book debunking homeopathy. In French, which should annoy Boiron no end. I do hope so (he said innocently, as Brian the Snail would add).

Watch this space. I’m hoping to make it quite entertaining very soon. In the meantime, cop this:


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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