Video of the day: a special ‘thank you’ to the anonymous haters out there

Alright, so I’m behind on everything, including Searchindipity. Look, it takes time and much thought to find those cheap, throwaway jokes every month. In the meantime, here’s an absolute gem of a video. We’ve all been insulted by vicious little bastards  – who seem to reserve especial venom for the ladies who have the effrontery to be intelligent and funny – so this is just for them, to show just how much their hate-filled splutterings put them in a good light.

Such sweet, lovable, human beings. Bullying destroys people; it can even kill.

Thanks to Steven Moffat, who Tweeted the link. You can find @isabelfay on Twitter as well.


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Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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