Video of the day: Van Canto

You need to see this, whatever your personal musical tastes. This is… astounding. Unexpected. Extremely impressive.

My great pal Rolf has paid one of his irregular visits and has provided his usual update on bad films and metal music. No cinematic gems this time, I’m afraid, but in compensation he passed on his latest discovery: a German metal band called Van Canto. Odd name for a metal band, you might think – the ‘canto’ bit anyway. All will be made clear in time.

While not especially strong on melodic originality, this lot make up for it in sheer musical talent and technicality. Also the two lead singers are seriously hot, but I digress. This clip is fairly standard low budget metal, but you get a good look at all six band members. Now then, what I want you to do here is count the musical instruments.

Yes, that was ectoplasm made from detergent foam.

Official site: Van Canto


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