The Black Stone of Bugarach Mountain, Part I

Fine, yes, it took a while to get the thing on-line. Don’t look at me, it’s not my fault. Apparently some people have lives, which are things that get in the way of unreality. I’m told he’s much better now, but we had a bit of a scare.

Anyway, this is the first part of a tale of mystery, murder and manipulation, inspired by the many weird and wonderful legends that have settled over a small and very rural part of South-Western France like dandruff on a good jacket. Having come across quite a few of the whackjob beliefs during research for posts on Short & Spiky, I thought I’d be prepared for this. I wasn’t. I think I can safely state that there is no concept so batshit, so pop-eyed and straw-in-the-hair’d, that somebody, somewhere, cannot be found to give it credence and yet still be considered responsible enough to be allowed to vote.

The authors (there are three of them behind ‘Maurice Prevel’) actually had to tone some of the wilder myths down before they could be used in the book. You should probably avoid searching the Internet for further details of the more extreme nuttery around Bugarach unless you are very drunk.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy. Do not take seriously. Let us know if there are any typos ‘n’ stuff like that. If the electronic version sells well enough, we’ll cut down a few trees to make a printed version.

Here’s the link for US readers: This one is for the UK:

Update 5 Dec 2012: Geography buffs, people looking for RPG background material or weirdos like me who enjoying touching things might like this to play with…

Special offer to celebrate the second edition of the original French novel, Les Editions Amigaya have associated with Relief Edition to produce the first ever 3D map of this country steeped in legend, from Quillan in the east to Tautavel in the west, and including Rennes le Château, Bugarach, Galamus Gorge and the Cathar castles of Peyrepertuse and Quéribus, to name but two. Better than a tiny black and white drawing on a page, here is a map that gives the impression of flying over the area as though in a plane, except that you can touch the mountains and valleys and trace the rivers with your finger. An excuse to let your imagination run riot, and an ideal stocking-filler for the post-Apocalyptic holiday season this year! (€ 14,95, site in French)

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