Press release: First installment of The Black Stone of Bugarach Mountain available

A novel by Maurice Prevel – Editions Amigaya, Toulouse (France)

The strange, “upside down” mountain known as Pic de Bugarach is famed throughout the world. It is situated in the South of France, between Toulouse and Barcelona, on the other side of the nearby Spanish border. Like Mount Shasta in California, Mount Thabor in Israel, Sulaiman-Too in Kirghizistan, to name but three, it is considered to be sacred. One legend claims Mary Magdalene spent her last days near here, somewhere between Rennes-le-Château and Mount Cardou. The Knights Templar and followers of the “Cathar heresy” also sought refuge from persecution in this wild, windswept country. And just as Mount Thabor is said to have survived the Biblical Flood intact, so Mount Bugarach is believed to offer protection against the end of the world supposedly predicted by the Mayan calendar for December 21, 2012. Is this really the date for Doomsday?

Newspapers and TV crews are practically fighting each other to grab scoops and make documentaries about Bugarach. The French are beginning to worry about the public infatuation with the place. Things are so bad that the army may have to be called in to stop people climbing the mountain as the fateful date of December 21 approaches.

The Black Stone of Bugarach Mountain was written by three people under the collective pseudonym of “Maurice Prevel”. All three authors live in the area and have thoroughly explored its secrets. The story introduces readers to the “Doomsday Mountain” and draws them into an exciting adventure arising from a strange coincidence and fed by rumours in the media.

Jules, a lecturer in philosophy and part-time explorer from Toulouse, finds himself unexpectedly in possession of a mysterious black stone when a dying man leaves it in his hands. Unfortunately, a number of mystical organisations also want the stone. A local journalist gets wind of the incident and stops at nothing, not even murder, to get hold of the story and spread wild rumours about the stone in the hope of making money from the affair. Jules meets a beautiful geologist – Leila – in dramatic circumstances. He also encounters a strange child who claims to be called Naya and seems to know all the mountain’s secrets. Even Naya’s dog has an important role to play. From this point onwards, the lives of several people will cross and criss-cross: Jules and Leila, the young policeman in charge of the enquiry, the unscrupulous journalist and some shadowy organisations. For some of them this will not end well, but the quest of the Stone culminates in a spectacular final scene worthy of Indiana Jones.

Now available in English
The novel so successfully combines mystery, excitement and humour, laced with a little love and affection, that it is hard to put down. So as not to disappoint those waiting eagerly for the English version, it is being released in 3 parts as the translation progresses.

Hidden messages?
Although the book itself is quite definitely fiction, it includes a lot of genuine historical and geographical detail painstakingly researched locally by the authors and of course draws on the innumerable myths and mysteries that contribute to the legend of the “Sacred Mountain”.

Like Jules Verne or Dan Brown, both of whom were inspired by the area, the reader may be tempted to look for coded messages in the book. And why not? After all, the original inspiration came from the Mountain itself.

Special offer: to celebrate the second edition of the original French novel, Les Editions Amigaya have associated with Relief Edition to produce the first ever 3D map of this country steeped in legend, from Quillan in the east to Tautavel in the west, and including Rennes le Château, Bugarach, Galamus Gorge and the Cathar castles of Peyrepertuse and Quéribus, to name but two. Better than a tiny black and white drawing on a page, here is a map that gives the impression of flying over the area as though in a plane, except that you can touch the mountains and valleys and trace the rivers with your finger. An excuse to let your imagination run riot and an ideal stocking-filler for the post-Apocalyptic holiday season this year! (14,95 euros, also available via

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