Illegal DMCA claims filed against Burzynski critic…

This seems to be yet another dick move in the ongoing series of dick moves from the screechy, fact-free hate group that appears to be the Burzynski fan club. See links below for more details.

Skeptical Humanities

Apparently, someone thinks that they are the only person allowed to have a public opinion about Burzynski in a moving picture, as false takedown order attributed by Google to Burzynski movie director Eric Merola’s production company has been issued against c0nc0rdance, who posted a very good video about the Clinic in February. Whoever did this, well, they done somethin’ ornery.

The thing is that c0nc0rdance didn’t use any footage from Merola’s stinky toilet movie, possibly because it makes all critical thinkers feel sticky and dirty.

This is intolerable. The video remains down on youtube, but a kind person has mirrored the video, and it is now spreading around the Internet. Well done! Here’s my part to fight bullying:

If it’s true, it is actually starting to become a thing with Merola. Merola once tried to have me kicked off of facebook by encouraging people to lie about me to admins…

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