Reblog: Tired of HPV immunisation misinformation? Here’s a new published review.

This is important information and should be spread around as much as possible. The HPV vaccine is already saving lives. The lies spread by anti-vax loons, who don’t care about the victims they leave behind, must be countered.

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I am extremely proud to know these people, who I have been lucky enough to meet through our health activism on the Stop the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network Facebook page.

Tired of seeing misinformation published in letters to journals, and other publications, surrounding the safety and efficacy of the HPV vaccine, Dr David Hawkes, Candice Lea, and Dr Matthew Berryman put their hands up, in their own time, to conduct a review of the scientific literature.

This is from Dr Berryman’s introductory blog post (you’ll need to read it to see the answers; no spoilers):

In this paper by Dave Hawkes, Candice Lea, and myself, we addressed some common questions about the HPV vaccine and its use in preventing cancer:

Q1: How do we know the HPV vaccine will prevent cancer?

Q2: Why is the vaccine being given to boys as well?

Q3: The vaccine only targets some types of…

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