Pharmaceutical industry bodies plan to mobilise patient groups | All Trials

Attention all Alt Med loons: this is what real Big Pharma shills look like. It’s not the individual on Twitter who points out that you have no evidence whatsoever that your favourite holistic dumbfuckery heals anything; it’s the lobby groups parroting nonsense to prevent corporations being held accountable.

So, this just arrived. If you haven’t already, please get involved.

Pharmaceutical industry trade bodies plan to mobilise patient groups in the debate on clinical trial transparency, according to a leaked memo reported in the Guardian today. The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Associations (EFPIA) and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhMRA) strategy starts with “mobilising patient groups to express concern about the risk to public health by non-scientific re-use of data.”

As Tracey Brown says in the Guardian: “We now have the prospect of really significant developments to end the secrecy and make clinical trial reporting a practical reality and, finally, some sound commitments from parts of industry. In this context, the industry associations’ strategy to get others to raise further spurious problems is backward. It should embarrass anyone associated with it.” GSK and Roche have distanced themselves from the EFPIA and PhRMA strategy. Every other pharmaceutical company should publicly distance themselves from any association with it now.

The best answer to this kind of strategy is to have thousands more people sign up to AllTrials and for organisations and patient groups across Europe and the US to say they won’t be part of it.

Please sign the petition at Pharmaceutical industry bodies plan to mobilise patient groups | All Trials.

You can also donate to the campaign:


Go on, bother me. You know you want to.

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