Work camps: Disabled people to be sent on “Residential training” from August 2014 | A Latent Existence

An Independent Advisory Panel report compiled for the DWP effectively militates for sending the disabled off to residential camp, apparently on the basis that if this can help some severely disabled people to escape institutionalisation to a certain degree, then it must be good for everyone else who’s disabled in any way and in need of a job. Of course, it’s the fault of the disabled person that they can’t get a job, never the discrimination practised by employers. The most frequent thing a disabled person – no matter what the disability or how little is has to do with actually doing the job in question – is “I need somebody I can rely on, but how can I rely on you?”

In my experience, employers themselves are a damn sight less reliable than the disabled, who work bloody hard and often come into work in spite of being in a great deal of pain, when the able-bodied would have gone on sick leave.

As a disabled person, who’ll probably have to live on my disability pension for the rest of my life because most employers don’t believe in job mobility, or that the disabled can still have working brain, the patronising fuckwittery of the paper angers me.

The dehumanising of the disabled and all that’s implied by this transparent attempt to invent something for the Govt to “outsource” to its pals, on the other hand, is frankly terrifying.

More here Work camps: Disabled people to be sent on “Residential training” from August 2014 | A Latent Existence (includes link to report on Govt. site).


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