I tend to get carried away with separating blogs, and regularly end up with too many. This was recently revised, reducing the whole thing down to two full-blown blogs, plus the Scoop.it site.

The main site is at anarchic-teapot.net. That’s where you’ll get the scepticism, political commentary and raging at bigots.

This blog currently contains a mixture of posts best described as “Miscellaneous”: status updates, reviews, occasional short stories. The other blog, on the main site, is reserved for all flavours of scepticism and critical analysis.

There may be some stuff reblogged from elsewhere, quite possibly with extra commentary on my part. These will be on issues I consider important. Some may include the Spartacus signal. Clicking on the “Read more” link at the end of each extract will take you to the original post. Please note that commenting on reblogged posts will always be disabled. I much prefer people to comment on the original site. It’s only polite, after all.

You can subscribe individually to any blog. Each site has its own RSS feed (via Feedburner). For this blog, you should subscribe using the widget here. (also via Feedburner). Make sure you’re subscribed via Feedburner, or you’ll lose the plot if things move around or change domains. All updates will be also fed to Twitter @anarchic_teapot

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