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A somewhat self-explanatory category. All music, any music, the broadest possible definition of music.
’S’yer basic ear candy innit? Albums listened to, concerts gone to. Preferably both together. Unless there’s a damn good reason why I can’t go to see the band live then the prerequisite for being featured in this section will be that I have listened to the oeuvre in its entirety, or near as dammit, and seen at least one live performance.


Video of the day: Lazarus

I hope I’m as full as life as he was for my final year on Earth.


A Capella Science

I haven’t done a Video Of The Day for ages, mostly because there was nothing awesome enough that came to my notice. Also because I’m a lazy bugger, but mostly because there was nothing awesome enough. So today you’re getting two for the price of one, with minimal wittering from me.

So cop this:

And if that made your brane hurt as much as mine, try this one as well: