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7 Conservation Photographers Saving The Planet Through Amazing Pictures : TreeHugger

I’ve had this page in my bookmarks for over a month and it’s about time I did something about it. So:

Magnificent photography. Beautiful scenery. Amazing animals, not in the least fluffied-up. A reminder of all the ecosystems and cultures being irremediably damaged in the hunt for more oil, more wood, more golf courses and more private swimming pools. Go read, wonder, and do something intelligent for yourself and everyone else. Like not washing the car every Sunday, or riding a bike instead of driving, or staying away from products with palm oil in, or holidaying in exotic places that destroy the local habitat to build tourist facilities, or eating local produce instead of imported stuff, or…

Oh for God’s sake just go read the site. Despite the excruciating hipster-style irony of its name, there’s plenty of good, thought-provoking writing and some truly inspiring photography. It’s part of the Discovery Group.

7 Conservation Photographers Saving The Planet Through Amazing Pictures: TreeHugger.


I’ve had dreams like this

Flying, I mean.

Go here for more remarkable photographs of “levitation” by a pretty and talented Japanese girl. A little poetry for the eyes is good for the soul.

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