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How not to get divorced in London

I’ve seen guys make complete arses of themselves in divorce courts before, but this moron could give a master course in Fucking Up.

Let’s turn to Mr Justice Mostyn for the full sorry, yet hilarious, tale of incompetent malevolence and monumental bad faith:

This is my judgment on the applicant wife’s claim for ancillary relief. According to her counsel’s financial schedule the net assets amount to around £1.3m. It is a routine needs case following a 20 year marriage. One might ask therefore: why it is listed for hearing in the High Court with a time estimate of 4 days and where the wife has incurred costs on the indemnity basis of around £150,000? The answer is the conduct of the husband. It has been truly abysmal. Since the claim was commenced in September 2012 there have been over 30 hearings including four appeals mounted by the husband. This deluge has been caused by the husband’s extreme litigation misconduct. In parallel proceedings concerning a bogus loan asserted by his sister he made threats to kill against the wife and her counsel for which he was committed to prison for contempt. In these ancillary relief proceedings he has been removed from the courtroom on at a least one occasion by security staff. He has been repeatedly warned by judges about his unpleasant menacing conduct in court. On one occasion he assaulted the wife’s counsel and the wife in court for which he was later convicted of assault in the magistrates’ court. He skipped his sentencing hearing and fled abroad from where he has bombarded the court with abusive emails claiming that he has a fatal illness and demanding that the proceedings be adjourned indefinitely. In the course of the proceedings he has entered into a number of transactions designed to defeat the wife’s claims…

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(Sir Nicolas Mostyn, being a High Court Judge, gets a lot of these messy high-profile divorce cases)


Darwin confessed on his deathbed that…

You can see the “Darwin recanted on his deathbed” bollocks a little too often. This started it:

And naturally:

Feel free to add to the fun.

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