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New Southworth comic: Lake Gary

Looks like Paul Southworth has found new inspiration. As always, dark humour leavened by total daftness. Recommended.

Here’s the presentation as posted earlier on Twitter:


The Whiteboard, by “Doc” Nickel

“Doc” Nickel runs a paintball equipment and repair shop in Alaska.

One day he bought a whiteboard and installed it the shop. On a impulse, he sketched on it, took a photo of the result, and posted it in the website forum. That was in June 2002. Things sort of grew from there: The Whiteboard

The strip is well-drawn, self-deprecatory and comprehensible even to people like me who have never played paintball in their puff, although you might be mildly mystified by terms like “marker” (=paintball gun) to start with. Anybody who’s been near Enthusiasts of any vaguely technical activity – this can include model trains to vintage cars via… well, just about any sport you can think of that requires some kind of equipment – will recognise the types, starting with Doc, the Incurable Tinkerer, and Roger, who is the born overclocker. Real overclocking. Not just making the existing hardware run faster. Roger is quite capable of replacing the batteries in his marker with a miniature nuclear core.

The shop burns down quite often, to the extent that local firemen now tend to be somewhat blasé about the whole thing.

However, perhaps a true-life paintball story would give a better idea of what this remarkable strip has in store. Or maybe not. You’re getting it anyway.

A friend of mine (an accident-prone six-footer known as Rolf, but this is merely incidental) once told me about a game of paintball he’d indulged in with friends in a semi-wooded area near the local University. He was all by himself, skulking behind some bushes, when he heard somebody moving in said bushes. Aha!

He lets fly a goodly dose of yellow paint into the greenery. There is a brief silence. Then comes movement among the leaves, at about groin height, and a large yellow head appears and goes: “GROINK?”

A wild boar, if suitably enraged, can kill a man. He drops the marker and flees for his life, leaving a Rolf-shaped hole in the brambles, Tex Avery cartoon-style. He doesn’t stop until a particularly well-placed briar catches him across the throat and knocks him to the ground (he still has the scar).

And not until then does he realise the boar didn’t follow him.

The strip? Oh, yes, if there are still things you haven’t grasped, try the FAQ.